What happens if i take two 20 mg Adderall xr(generics) every morning and a one more 5 hrs later? I have been taking it for almost a year now and i started taking two by mistake because i wasnt fully informed of it, and didnt know it would affect me. When i say affect, i mean that now one capsule won’t help only two. Now, i’ve been taking three! Im addicted now and i am scared for my life.
How many people die of an overdose from adderall xr(generics)

Amy D replied: "generics doesn’t make an extended release in adderall. if it’s an orange, chalky triangle pill, it’s not extended release. if that’s the case, try extended release (they are much more expensive, though). If you are already on XR, tell your doctor that you need to switch ADD medication every so often to keep you from getting addicted or developing an immunity to one. Keep in mind, if you are ADD, you have a dependency because you need it to function and a dependency is not an addiction. If you are taking it as a social drug, it gets you more rather than calm and focused and that’s what makes you become addicted."

natalie d replied: "When you say "help" what are you referring to? Do you mean that your ADHD isn’t managed by one? A lot of people with ADHD take 40-60 mg. per day, so I wouldn’t worry that you’re od’ing or anything. Do you have a prescription? If so, I would discuss this with your doctor because it’s not a good idea to take a specific dosage without your doctor’s knowledge. If you tell the doctor that 20 mg. isn’t working, then they will up the dose to what helps. Don’t keep it to yourself or you could put your health in jeopardy should any other issue come up."

Just switched from a generic adderall to adderall XR (20 mg)? My pharmacy flubbed up a bit and gave me XR. I know the correct thing to do would be to return them but I’m interested in seeing how these affect me, as I have become disenchanted with my regular 20 mg d-amphetamine salt combo.

I understand that XR is for extended release, but how do these make you feel throughout the day? Is it possible to feel differently than I do after taking my generic adderall?

Any other info is appreciated.

Dalton replied: "the same as other adderal you just dont need to take it 2 times a day

the only possible side efect is insomnia because it last longer"

wolverine replied: "The extended release made me and my brother both feel like absolute crap at the end of the day. For me, my amphetamine (generic adderall) last about 5 hours but the extended release only lasted a couple of hours longer. Considering what they make me feel like I usually cut my pills in half and take the other half when the first wears off. I’d contact your pharmacy to be safe."

I have a question for all you adderall users.? I just recently got perscribed adderall and its the 20 mg xr…well, he had menoned something before that if that was to expensive for me *which it was* It was 180 WITH insurance for 30 days! That he could give me something I could take twice a day and it would be cheaper. Me, personally..I don’t mind taking something twice a day..I was just trying to see if possibly he was talking about a generic, and why they didn’t give me one in the first place. I know there isn’t a generic for the XR yet till 2018, but any suggestions or answers would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance :)

God replied: "There is a generic available but not the extended release version hence the reason why you would have to take it twice a day. It’ll still be the same conjugated methanoate salt."

Dexedrine Vs. Adderall, which is better? I’m 17 and I just got diagnosed with ADD. My doctor prescribed me Adderall but the pharmacy was out so they gave me Dexedrine, a generic brand. So far the Dexedrine is good for only about 2 and a half hours, then I get really tired and just like zombie like. I don’t know if this is how it is supposed to work, and it is supposed to just mellow you out, but If any of y’all have taken Adderall and Dexedrine, which worked best for you, saying you needed it for like 8 hours?

Also, I have been researching Dexedrine because I want to know what kind of pills I am taking, and it is supposed to be highly addictive and make you depressed if you stop. Now I am almost scared to take it. I know I don’t have an addictive personality but I don’t want this medicine to have long term effects against me.

lastly, would bumping up my dosage of Dexedrine from 20 mg to like 30 mg and making it XR instead of IR fix this problem?

Malachi replied: "Dexedrine is Dextroamphetamine, Adderal is a mix of both straight amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. The XR would help, as it would extend the dose all day, but i would ask to try Adderal XR as it is a mixture of two types of stimulants and it seems to work better for a lot of people.

The drugs are addictive, they are amphetamines like Meth, but used as the doctor prescribes you should be fine. If you do go off of them they will taper your dose down so you don’t go through withdrawl. It shouldn’t have long term effects as long as you use it, and not abuse it (big difference).

It should not be running out in 2 1/2 hours though, so go for the XR as it seems your body metabolizes these drugs quickly, you need some in your body throughout the day. Good luck, and remember to just follow what your dr prescribes and you’ll be fine"

rickyoutfield replied: "You might want to ask you doctor for something natural.

Essential fatty acids – the Omega will help with "ADD" without the side effects of taking drugs."

irishguy replied: "dont do it , ADD drugs such as retalin and adderall as well as ssris such as prozac are proven to stunt bone growth. as you are only 17 you still have some growing to do so i would definetly avoid it."