How long does the stimulant affect of 20 mg Adderall Xr last? I am not prescribed with ADD but whenever i have a big essay to write or another project i sometimes get some 20 mg ritalin from my friend who is prescribed with it so i can focus better. I would usually take it right after school at 3 pm and I would feel the effects wear off at around 9-10 ish. However, another of my friends gets adderall xr, so i decided to try it. Needless to say, it worked and i finished my essay easily, but unlike ritalin when by now i am pretty much at baseline, am just as hyped up as I was 6-7 hours ago. How long does this last for, and does anybody know how I can fall asleep. Please don’t just tell me "stayy off drugs idiot!!", i just want a straight answer. thanks.

Tim replied: "10-12 hours and even more if you are a light sleeper, if you take it do it early on in the day."

52Perceptions replied: ""stayy off drugs idiot!!""

DrGaellon replied: "XR means "extended release." The drug is released from the tablet slowly, extending the effect. Adderal XR is intended to be taken once a day, so you may experience the effects for an entire 24 hours."

Mathieu replied: "Technically Adderall XR lasts for 12 hrs or so it is said. But for most people Adderall XR lasts around 8 hrs,. The regular Adderall lasts about 4-5 hrs but it can last up to six hours for some.

Ritalin works very quickly and does not last nearly as long as Adderall XR (or even regular Adderall). So because you were taking such a short acting drug the Adderall is a problem. Some people will have residual effects for 2-3 days where they do not sleep and are very "wired." But that is very rare. If your really can’t sleep at all your only options are to say awake or taking some sleeping medication, even Benadryl (diphenhydramine) which you can get over the counter.

But I highly recommend you just stay up and if it keeps going on them consider seeing a doctor and make sure you get some sleep. As soon as you can. And drink plenty of water"

How long does 40 MG Adderall XR last? Hello everyone, I have been on 20 MG Adderall XR since two months which I do not feel effect very well so now my doctor prescribed me for 40 mg adderall XR (two times daily) because he wants to see if 40 mg adderall XR will be better on me or not. I am wondering if I can take first 20 mg adderall XR into morning and second one into afternoon. Would it be okay?

Charles M replied: "8 hours. You can extend the effect by getting a good nights rest and taking a drug holiday once a week."

cypheron replied: "It depends on metabolism, but a good bet is that the half-life (the time it takes for the dose to halve) of the dextroamphetamine will be 10.5 hours and the half-life of the levoamphetamine will be 13.5 hours. Exactly what that means in terms of theraputic benefit is specific to your situation.

You’re supposed to follow whatever dirtions your physician gives you as far as dosing, but in the real world most people are pretty lax about administration. Assuming you’re healthy and not taking any other drugs, moderate experimentation with dosing should not hurt you.

But I’m not a doctor, blah, blah, blah."

nonlinear replied: "I’m very surprised he did that. I have heard it lasts 12 hours so no, you don’t want to do that. You don’t want to take a second pill while the first one is still in your system. That would be 24 hours of meds and you MUST sleep sometime. This sounds very odd to me unless the XR is lasting only like 7 hours then it might be what he is shooting for.

Make sure you can get 7 hours of sleep with whatever regimen you are on."

How long do the side affects of Adderall XR last? I’ve been taking it for 2 days now. My Physchiatrist told me to take 10 mg the first day and then 20 mg from there on out to my next appointment. But I’m only on my second day of it and I can barely eat, and I got super dizzy today. I know that there’s a loss of appetite but I didn’t know I would get it this quick. How long do you think it will last ?

b_jayne_s replied: "Give it a couple days. I know when my daughter was on it, and say she didn’t take it for a weekend, then started taking it again, things were waayyy off for a while. She wouldn’t sleep for about 2 days, then sleep a normal 8 hours. Her appetite wasn’t so good either. She would be buzzing around the house without any self control, completely out of hand…… just keep taking it, and it should even out."

aWellWisher replied: "This info will be helpful—d04035a1.html#d04035a1-sideeffects
Gradually you may develop some tolerance. You may talk to your doctor about staying at 10 mg only, but you shouldn’t do it on your own.
Good luck!"

pgd replied: "I tried Adderall XR and even at 5 mg found that it kept me awake for over 24 hours.

For some reason, I respond a lot better to the weak stimulant, caffeine, which works for me better and with less side-effects than Adderall XR/other stronger prescription stimulant ADHD meds."

Abnormally short Adderall duration…help! (also taking Lexapro for bipolar depression)? I’m asking this question here instead of asking my doctor right away, because I find that psychiatrist’s explanations of drug effects often differ from REAL peoples!!!!

I’ve been taking 10 mg Lexapro daily for bipolar depression for 2.5 months. The adderall helps with motivation and focus. The combination allows me to actively work on my depression, without sinking too deeply into it.
But I find that my 2-2.5 hour "adderall experience" doesn’t fit well into my daily life.
I’m a college student and the majority of my week consists of waking up around noon and spending the day busy, and often evenings as well. I try to wait at least 1 day (sometimes 2) between doses, so I won’t develop tolerance too quickly. My experiences have been as follows:

The 20 mg Adderall IR (the lowest dose that affects me) always kicks in about 1/2 hour after ingestion, then hits its peak at around 2 hours. At around 2.5-3 hours, the crash QUICKLY begins. (This crash consists of spending the rest of the evening emotionally/physically drained until I fall asleep…which in itself is insanely difficult.)
Adderall is supposed to be taken 6 hours apart. But how can I possibly function steadily if between my Adderall doses there’s a huge dip in my mood, focus, and energy???
What I’ve been doing is taking 20 mg then 20 mg 3 hours later. This makes the comedown twice as difficult and prolonged. I’ve stupidly tried to take another 20 mg on top of the other doses to keep me going into the evening. This third 20mg is not a good idea. The feelings of being productive and motivated begin to cross the line into feeling cracked out (talking too fast and sometimes getting ahead of myself). I’ve been trying, but still haven’t found a dosage plan that works well for me! For about 6 hours after ingestion, my body physically continues to be completely awake (yet worn out), while my mind slowed down hours earlier, leaving me in "Adderall hell"

I’m aware that the answer should be Adderall XR (which is supposed to last 10-12 hours). Following the same formula, it seems as if the jittery effects would continue for 12 hours, while the good effects would only last a short time. The problem is sleep…some people have told me that they adjust to the initial insomnia, and others never adjust.
I’ve found that by taking the Adderall 2-3 days in a row, the bad side effects become somewhat less pronounced (not significantly) but my tolerance shoots up. I love the euphoria, and am still able to experience it by taking frequent breaks.
If I do end up taking Adderall XR, I want to continue with the Adderall IR because of its flexibility.
Melatonin and valerian root are no match for an amphetamine, and I refuse to take a prescription sleep aid. 2 drugs are enough for me, and I am unable to take doses earlier in the day. I need help finding a solution with what I have!

Answers to ANY of these questions would be insanely appreciated. THANKS!!!

1. Has anybody reacted similarily to Adderall IR? What did you do?
2. What are your experiences with Adderall and sleep? Does it get better?
3. How can I maintain the Adderall euphoria for as long as possible and keep my tolerance low?
4. Has anybody been on Lexapro/Adderall? How did this work for you? Success stories are preferred…feeling hopeful is an incredible tool in overcoming depression.
5. What are your experiences with Adderall XR? Is it a smooth feeling? Or ups and downs? Also…how long does it last for you? If possible, describe it as detailed as you can!!!
6. If applicable, what combination of Adderal IR and Adderal XR do you take?
Kelle…I’m not in a manic state, I just like to do my research so I’ll know what my doctor is talking about. I’ve researched the drug online in a factual sense as well. As for the prescription, I’m a healthy young adult and not dangerously depressed, so my doctor gave me authorization to experiment to see which doses work for me.

Cakes…thank you for your help!!!!!!! I have an appointment later this week with my doctor…I’ll be sure to ask about Vyanse and my other options!!

Kelle replied: "The psychiatrist’s info on drugs is much more to be listened to than "real people".
I’d say you are writing this post in a manic state. You need the meds prescribed. Take them EXACTLY as prescribed and keep all your appointments with the psychiatrist."

cakes replied: "Adderall never lasted 6 hours for me, and I could really feel it kicking in and I definitely felt the crash, which left me feeling so tired and kind of depressed. I can’t imagine having that feeling on top of being diagnosed with bipolar – it doesn’t seem like a good combination. Adderall XR was much better – a LOT smoother, which made me a little sad because I really liked that initial "rush" when the IR first kicked in. I was on the XR for several years, then around a year and a half ago, my doc switched me to Vyvanse, which is, as far as I can tell, pretty much the same drug, except it’s even a slower release. This might not be good for you if you have trouble sleeping, since it lasts longer. For me, the Adderall XR didn’t last 12 hours. I don’t remember how long it lasted, but it wasn’t that long. I’d say the Vyvanse does last 12 hours, but I am not at all aware of it wearing off. I have a different problem from you in that I am normally a very tired person who can sleep 14+ hours a day without medication, so I can’t speak to any problems with these drugs and insomnia.
Oh, and as to your question about tolerance – I started taking Adderall around 7 years ago and only raised my dosage slightly one time.
I also briefly had a prescription for 5 mg of the IR that I could take with the XR if I felt like I needed a boost, but I decided rather quickly that I didn’t need it.
Good luck!

P.S. Regarding the person’s post above, you clearly do NOT sound like you’re in a manic state."

Used to take 20mg of Ritalin….? Used to take 20mg of Ritalin then I took 20 mg Ritalin XR. The normal 3-4 hour seemed to work much better than the "12 hour" kind. It really seems like the XR doesn’t work at all.

I want to try higher dose (25mg) but I don’t know how to tell my doctor that without making him think I’m a druggie. I would also feel better taking adderall.. what is the difference between the two? I wanted to try adderall cause that is what my blood cousin is on and it works fine for him.

I’m 20, male, semi-skinny and I have a fast metabolism. Do these conditions affect how long the pills last?

Steph G replied: "I’d discuss all your concerns with your doctor and explain to him that the medication isn’t working as well as the other… and ask him about the medication you’d like to try. Your doctor isn’t going to think your a druggie..he just wants to help you"

What should I do about my ADHD? OK,
Let me start by saying I am 20 years old. I’ve had ADHD since I was very young maybe since 1st or 2nd grade. Over the years in my life I’ve been on several stimulant type medications. The medicines I remember mainly taking were Ritalin shot realese, dexedrine, concerta, vyavanse, and most recently Adderall XR
(which in my opinion worked the best). In feb of 09 I verbally assualted a doctor where I went to a clinic for therapy. I won’t go into the details as I feel it’s unnesscary. Long story short my next doctor told me I shouldnt take adderall or any other stimulant meds because they made me angry. Well a few weeks later maybe late march of this year my I explained to the doctor I couldnt concentrate and that I wanted to go to school and Play WoW again. He thought for abit a suggested a non-stimulant medicine called Strattera which I’ve never taken before.

I wasn’t enthusaded about the idea but I tried it anyways. It’s now June and I really just want to go back to taking Adderall XR as it works much better then Strattera and it doesnt make me sleepy either.

Now I am waiting for the doctor to call me back. The last time I saw him this month he was reluctant to even talk about putting me on Adderall because I failed to get my blood work done. Although he did mention that going up on depakote might help me concentrate which frankly I 100% disagree as Depakote just helps me sleep and as it is I already take a massvie dose of 2000 mg.

I am honestly afraid he is going to do something I won’t agree on. How could I get him to agree taking Addrall is better for me?

girl replied: "When my dr. tried to put me on strattera I flat out refused and told him I would not take it. I take the generic of Adderall (amphetamine). I asked him why would I want to take a new medication that really has not proven itself when amphetamine has been around forever and we know it will work. Also, I mentioned that strattera is not covered by my insurance."

Mad Mac replied: "Look up for the truth about ADHD and ADD and other disorders."